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Originating from a desire to create new networks and connections, the Lawyer Connection Club strives to provide high school students an opportunity to understand various careers in law, politics and government. In giving students the chance to both learn about said careers through talking to a diverse group of professionals, we actively work to create a more informed youth who have a more accurate understanding of their interests.

A Community of Ambitious Learners

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Since our inception, the Lawyer Connection Club has always focused on community based learning. Guest speaker events provide opportunities to collaborate with professionals in an open and supportive environment, but this sentiment extends beyond that. From sharing opinions on our community discord server to playing games during engagement meetings; the LCC's main goal is to build up a supportive, engaged and informed student collective.
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Exploring Diversity 

The LCC also prioritizes diversity through every event that we hosts. We understand the importance of representation; especially in a field as secular law. Thus, as we meet new professionals we make it our mission to introduce our members to individuals from a variety of genders, races, ethnicities and religions. Through this goal, we aim to have every one of our members see themselves in a professional who is successful in their field.

Re-evaluating Beliefs

The Lawyer Connection Club was made to both confront and reaffirm our understanding on legal careers and professions. Most opinions of said careers are romanticized and disillusioned through media. We've found that these misinterpretations can cause individuals to strive towards the law with unclear or insufficient motives. As law school is extremely expensive and time consuming we aim to address these misconceptions early on and foster and interest in law that both genuine and sound. 
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Hear From Our Members

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"Today’s session was the most helpful one yet! I honestly learned so many things and had no idea that a law like tech law existed. The speaker offered such helpful and awesome advice! Thanks a lot!"